Zero Clients

Zero Clients

10ZiG Redefined Zero Clients

10ZiG Zero Clients deliver a powerful, secure and easy to manage endpoint device. Our Zero Clients harness the power of VMware and Citrix, supporting the latest protocols including Blast Extreme, PCoIP, HDX and HDX 3D Pro to deliver a seamless desktop virtualization experience. With 10ZiG NOS, you will experience lightning-fast boot up times of seconds, simple and intuitive configuration locally or automated via our centralized management tool (10ZiG Manager) and the absolute lowest usage of power consumption - as low as 5 watts. The 10ZiG Zero Client lineup provides a solution for all user types, from task workers up through the most demanding power users. Please see below for a product overview with links to learn more.

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10zig zc 4448

10ZiG 4448 Series Zero Client

The 4448 Series Zero Client is the 10ZiG value class offering. Running on an Intel 1.33GHz Dual Core processor, it's the perfect hardware for task based workers and breaks benchmarks set by previous 10ZiG value/enterprise hardware. Offering Dual Screen capability as standard and VESA mountable steel casing, this small form factor hardware is a serious choice for business and task users. This is the most economical, energy and space saving hardware 10ZiG offers, yet still provides high-performance multimedia acceleration. The 4448 Series Zero Client is available as a Citrix or VMware Zero Client and has the ability to transform between the two solutions with a simple firmware upgrade. The 4448 Series is VMware PCoIP and Blast Extreme Ready and is Citrix HDX/HDX Premium certified.

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10zig zc 5848q

10ZiG 5848q Series Zero Client

The 5848q Series is where power, performance and reliability combine to offer the most versatile Zero Client on the market. Powered by an Intel 2.0GHz Quad Core Processor and capable of speeds of up to 2.42GHz with Intel Boost Technology, the 5848q provides support for Full HD and is aimed at "Knowledge Workers" and "Power Users" who require Full HD, Multimedia, 3D and CAD performance. It gives you dual screen as standard, 7x USB ports including USB 3.0, optional wireless and is encased in a sleek, space saving and VESA Mountable chassis. The 5848q Series Zero Client is available as a Citrix or VMware Zero Client and has the ability to transform between the two solutions with a simple firmware upgrade. The 5848q Series is VMware PCoIP and Blast Extreme Ready and Citrix HDX/HDX Premium/ HDX 3D Pro Certified.

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10zig zc V1200

10ZiG V1200 Series Zero Client

The 10ZiG V1200 Series is our next-generation TERA2 PCoIP Zero Client delivering a powerful, secure and easy to manage desktop. These devices support the efficiency and security of centralized computing and offer an uncompromised desktop experience. The V1200's latest chip set (TERA2 PCoIP Portal Processor) delivers a powerful, secure and easy to manage PCoIP Zero Client. These Zero Clients offer a seamless solution with dynamic features and a performance that will meet the needs of any expanding VDI environment. The 10ZiG V1200 Series Zero Client caters to both Dual and Quad Screen and is available with options for Power over Ethernet (POE), Fiber, 4-6 USB ports and more, and also includes our All-In-One (AIO) Zero Client Monitor.

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